“Be more concerned about your character than your reputation cuz your character is what u really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are !!!”

by C.Brown

I walk these roads with grace
And I’ll wave with you behind me
With a new smile on my face
Cause I’m walking in new shoes now …”

Only because I took a road that ain’t similar as them, people think that i’m having some psychologic issue or that my choices are wrong… But who the hell are you to judge?!! … I’m grown. so leave me the hell alone. I choose the life I’m pursuing, I know my step, I’m on my way  and I know I’m gonna get there someday, I won’t say it will be easy, I’ll make some mistakes but i will eventually learn from them, so YOU  –> keep thinking whatever you want… ME –> Live my life !


6, Flatters street, a sunday morning…

No one in those streets, I can finally let myself be free…

Breakfast mission…